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80 Years Of Cadillac & La Salle : By Walter McCall
448 Pages and over 2000 Photos. A hardback cover
arranged year by yearof all models of Cadillac & La Salle models
part no.....18668000 $41.50

Illustrated Buyers Guide : by Richard Langworth
162 Pages and 162 Photos. Cover Postwar Years
through 1986. Models are included with specs, photos
production figures, and options. Uses five star rating system
to point out best buys.
part no.....18688600 $31.50

Brookland Books: A collection of articles from automotive
magizines. Includes new model introdutions, road test,
and more
part no......18785900 1949 to 1959 Cadillac $19.50
part no..... 18776900 1960 to 1969 Cadillac $19.50

Cadillac: Guide To 1950 - 1959 Motor Cars :
240 pages and 700 photos and illustration. a photo history
covering a decade of fins and chrome.Broken down year by
year and includes technical , production specs, options,and
more. A great reference manual.
part no.....18875900 $76.95

Cliton's Repair Manual And Tune Up Giude
380 pages with full illustrations. Easy to follow procedues.

part no.....19838900 1967-1989 Cadillac inc. $21.50
Deville,Eldorado,Seville,& Fleetwood

Standard Catolog Of Cadillac 1903 -1990: by Mary Sieber
and Kenny Buttplph. 272 pages and photos.A compliation
of technical info, historical profiles, and stories from the past
values by condition
part no..... 19849000 $23.25

Cadillac Of The forties: by Roy Schneider.
414 photos and illustrations.The story and pictorial history
of Cadillacs from 1940-1949. Photos of prototyoes,production
models,engine ,etc with charts & statistics on production and options
part no.....18884900 $73.50


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